2022 Outlook Webinar

In the beginning of 2022, we hosted our first webinar for the year. In this webinar entrepreneurs and executives from OCFO examine the changes that have flipped the business world on its head over the last two years. Various experts in their fields share tips and guides on how to navigate and benefit from these changes.
Louw Barnand, founder and CEO of OCFO, starts the webinar talking about the concept of rhythms for scale. There are a number of specific times and stages to a growing company, and each stage requires a different approach. Louw emphasises the fact that entrepreneurs should be sensitive to these stages in order to maximis benefit and opportunity. He also recommends a list of relevant reading material for owners looking to scale.

Marketing manager at OCFO, Loucile Botma, talks about how to market a company in today’s post-Covid environment. Loucile walks us through ten easy and practical steps for formulating your own marketing strategy in 2022.

Uwais Asmal & Damian Baker chat about the finance outlook for entrepreneurs in 2022. This team talks about how the global economy impacts local businesses, how to manage your cash-flow properly and how to streamline processes in order to optimise your accounting functions.
The next speaker is Michael Marshall whose topic is cloud-based or virtual solutions for business. Michael examines the pros and cons of on premises vs virtual services, and tells business owners what to look out for when implementing virtual systems and services.
Michael Botha then discusses tools for improving your sales bottom line. Michael mentions how important communication is in sales, and explains various tools & processes that can help you achieve your goals.
Following Michael, we have Martin van Eeden talking about the importance of people in any business organisation. Martin shares three concepts that will help you optimise your team, as well as five leadership trends to consider in 2022
Dana Pretorius follows to chat about implementing relevant strategies for a company that finds itself in a growth phase. He talks about building a 3-5 year strategy for growth and expansion while examining and dealing with any problematic factors.

The last speaker is Wilhelm Walser whose chosen topic is operational trends for this year. Wilhelm talks about the importance of examining operational systems as a business owner, in order to see what works and what needs to be changed within your company structure.

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