Founders Conference 2020

2021 Outlook

The annual Founders Conference took place over Zoom as a virtual conference during COVID-19. The conference brought together the top business people, investors and entrepreneurs around the globe for an opportunity of powerful networking, learning and inspiration. Keynotes and panel discussions were facilitated by top founders who have walked the walk, in celebration of the…

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Scale-Up Con 2020

Scale-Up Con

 2020 has actually been a year scaling down, as a lot of companies and industries lost a big portion of their revenue over the last 6 months. We thought that coming out of this crisis as coronavirus numbers are coming down and companies and the economy is firing up again, it is important to go…

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Streamline Your Company

As founder, get to know the latest cloud tech stack for finance and operations and how this can help you build a great company. Our cloud systems team will unpack: – Xero ecosystem and how founder access to information has changed – Zoho as leading CRM system for entrepreneurs – Shopify and the new possibilities…

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Financial must-do’s

As a founder, knowing your numbers is the key to success. Join our CA team to talk you through the best practice finance advice to build great companies. – Business Analysis and profit engineering – Cash Flow Management – Accounting and Management reporting – Corporate Governance – Financial Decision making – Financial Modeling and Forecasting…

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How Business owners can navigate the unpredictable

The Outsourced CFO directors hosted a webinar in order to discuss what business can do in order to navigate the unpredictable. This was mostly based off from what they learned over the last four months during COVID-19 and Lockdown period. Building your organization’s agility to meet unknown new challenges means exploring the outer boundaries of…

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Advising Clients in Crisis

For the first time ever, Outsourced CFO will be doing a panel style discussion with some if its top chartered accountant advisors. We will be discussing what they have learned and advising entrepreneurs during this time. Topics include: Get first hand market feedback of how entrepreneurs are doing at the moment; Learn from best practices…

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COVID-19 Measurements to Support Entrepreneurs

Over the last couple of weeks, our team has received a lot of questions around Tax, Payroll, Scale Down Measures, Funding Relief, the Rupert R1bn fund, the Oppenheimer fund, SEFA funding, and Cash Flow Management. In response, we have decided to host a webinar to offer advice during these critical times.  Louw Barnardt, MD and Co-founder of OCFO tackled some concepts and strategies to ensure that your business both survives…

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FundRaise Con 2020

Raising capital for a private company is a complex process. It can take months (if not years) of a founder’s time that should rather be spent growing the company. It is also highly technical and requires a corporate-finance background in order to complete the valuations, financial modeling, due diligence, and other aspects investors look for. FundRaise…

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Deep Dive 2019

Deep Dive - Carl F Sammeli

Carl F Sammeli hosted the 2019 Deep Dive where he spent 3 hours unpack high-performance team culture with a select group of Cape Town founders. Check out the highlights below.

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