Scale-Up Conference 2022

The how, why and when of successful scaling for mid-market companies

Scaling up is complex, and our mid-market clients are typically founder and owner-operators, kept busy with focusing on key operations in their business. While they want to scale, many of these owners are unsure of how or when to scale, and are unaware of the many available working capital solutions. As applying scale-up methodology well is ever more critical, this conference will guide participants on how to prepare to scale. Scale-Up Conference is for growth-mindset focused entrepreneurs wanting to take their strategy, execution and business to the next level. At the Scale-Up Conference, we will be speaking to some of SA's top scale-up founders and advisors on how they're building profitable, scalable companies in today's market. 

Leaders in the industry, both as advisory consultants as well as business owners who have been through a scaling process, will share their experiences in knowing when it is best to scale in the life cycle of a business, to better understand optimal timing, how to scale by choosing a partner that offers strategic and complementary services, and what needs in place in order to scale. 

Co-hosted by OCFO, Benchmark International, and Sirdar, and included keynote speakers and panel discussions, bringing a diversity of experience and perspective to the stage.


A lifetime of scaling up

Keynote speaker Carl Bates, founding partner of Sirdar International, talks about the journey of scaling up and exiting your business, and how to do this consciously and at your own pace. He shares a brief history of the success story of Sirdar as well as 5 vital elements necessary for any startup to succeed.


Creating a scalable founder profile

Keynote speaker Emma Donavan, co-founder of consultancy Become Dapper, discusses the connection between a strong and authentic personal brand and running successful business in the modern online world.


Strategic partnerships

Tiaan Smit, Transaction Director at Benchmark International interviews Simone Musgrave, founder and driver behind Musgrave Crafted Spirits, who talks about strategic partnerships. Simone shares the story of founding her gin business, which grew incredibly quickly and scaled fast, and talks about the necessity of finding a strategic partner to guide her through this phase. She also chats about partnering with Halewood SA, what to consider when partnering and how to find a good fit.


Growth equity and funding

Keynote speaker Kunaal Mehta, Director at Clearwater Capital talks about growth equity and funding. Kunaal shares the history of scaling a family-run business, and talks about his experience at Clearwater. He further highlights five things that any entrepreneur looking for funding needs to have in place for an investment-worthy business.


Finance as growth engines

Panel discussion by Uwais Asmal, Executive Head of Advisory Services at OCFO, Leanne Hoffman, Technical Accounting and Tax Manager at OCFO and Ayanda Vabaza, Director at Kwandiso Consulting, led by Louw Barnardt of OCFO.

When a company grows extremely quickly, this places a lot of pressure on the financial function and liquidity of your business. The panel discussed the foundational pillars of a good finance function that would allow you to succeed. Ayanda and Leanne highlight a number or processes that can be put in place, and Uwais talks about the importance of staying on top of the financial function in your business.


Building and managing teams

Keynote Speaker and coach Martin van Eeden founder of Imagine Better shares insight on building and managing teams within your growing enterprise. Martin shares his insight on what it takes to put togethera great and effective team, and highlights the difference that it can make to the success of your business. He then also touches on the importance of managing that team effectively.


Scaling up with outsourced services

Interview: Dustin Graham with Justin Drennan

Dustin Graham interviews Justin Drennan Co-founder of around the topic of scaling up with outsourced services. Justin talks about the signs that you should outsource expertise within your scaling business, and highlights the benefits to entrepreneurs. He also talks about what you should look for in an outsourced partner or service provider, and how to manage the process.


How we scaled: Equity partners and trade finance

Dustin Graham, managing partner at Benchmark International interviews Naas du Preez, founder and director at Oasis Water Holdings via Zoom. Naas shared his journey of scaling his business, and explains that there came a point at which he could no longer maintain his growth trajectory, and needed extra resources in order to take the brand to the next level. He talks about what to look for in an equity partner and how to handle that transition and growth, as well as the pressures of rapid scaling.


Execute to success

Keynote speaker Jacques le Grange, director at OCFO discusses what processes need to be put in place in order to scale successfully. Jacques notes that the scaling journey often falls short when it comes to executing vision, and he expands on possible problems with implementation, then shares three points of execution that could assist with the process. He then drills down and explains these actions in more detail.


Building scalable cloud technology solutions for growing companies

Keynote speaker Andrew Bourne Regional Manager for Zoho global and executive manager for ZOHO Africa talks about building scalable cloud technology solutions for growing companies. Andrew notes the importance of being ready and planning for rapid growth, especially when it comes to the technology that you aim to implement. He expands on the forward-looking functionality and ease of use that you should look out for when selecting technology to carry you through.

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