FundRaise Con

About FundRaise Con

One of the biggest challenges founders face is raising capital for business growth. Even the most brilliant business ideas can only progress so far. But raising capital is a highly technical process and requires a corporate-finance background to complete the valuations, financial modeling, due diligence, and other aspects investors require.

So, where do you start? Enter: FundRaise Con - an annual event for founders seeking advice on their fundraising journey.

Join us for an evening learning from founders who have successfully raised finance. There will also be sessions from investors to go behind the curtain on what investors look for when evaluating a business to invest in. We aim to equip founders with best practice principles that can be used when raising capital. See you there!

We had our first FundRaise Con on the 26 of March 2020, a day before Lockdown started in SA but instead of canceling the conference we decided to host the event as a digital conference.

In 2021 we were so fortunate to host the event again on the 25th of March and had over 15 different speakers and almost 200 founders and entrepreneurs who joined us.

We had our third FundRaise Con on the 24th of March 2022, check out this video to join over a 100 entrepreneurs.