FundRaise Con


About FundRaise Con

Raising capital for a private company is a complex process. It can take months (if not years) of a founder's time that should rather be spent growing the company. It is also highly technical and requires a corporate-finance background in order to complete the valuations, financial modeling, due diligence, and other aspects investors look for.

FundRaise Con seeks to share the journey of those who have successfully raised finance. We equip founders with best practice principles that can be used when raising capital and closing that next big deal. Investors themselves, who are doing deals every day, will present and share tips.

Likewise, for investors, FundRaise Con offers an incredible pool of high-caliber founders that are building scalable and investable companies.

We had our first FundRaise Con on the 26 of March 2020. Instead of canceling the conference during Covid-19 we decided to host the conference as a digital conference on YouTube.

26 March 2021

17:30 for 18:00-21:00

Ideas Cartel, Old Foundry